Here is what some of my clients are saying about working with FamousAspect:

Armor Games

“Ethan is our Go To guy for all MicroTransaction questions. Ethan will spend time playing your game and will put together a plan for you to implement IAP’s. His plans always encourage higher spending while increasing user retention and game time”

– Dan McNeely, CEO

Services performed

  • Production and design for Sequester, Crush the Castle Adventures
  • Game evaluation for Siege Hero Wizards and a number of forthcoming titles


“We brought Ethan in for a 2 week consultation on system design but kept him for months as we realized the treasure trove of holistic experience and deep insights he brought to the table. Ethan subsequently helped us in game pitching, prototyping and feature design for various games and produced some of the finest work I’ve seen. Ethan is top-notch!”

– Rajeev Nagpal, Head of Product

Services performed

  • Feature design, feature prototyping, system design, play journals for Tiny Castle
  • Game pitching for new game concepts at company’s direction


“The nice thing about working with Ethan is that he’s capable of providing knowledge and insight as well as sound practical and pragmatic advice – we look forward to working with him again soon.”

– Chris Kempt, Managing Director

Services performed

  • Game evaluation, play journals, feature design, metrics and financial forecasting for Red Bull Kart Figher: Unbeaten Tracks


“If your organization is looking to integrate gamification into its enterprise strategy, I would highly recommend working with Ethan. His creative approach and deep understanding of engagement and game mechanics have been a critical driving force behind our success with integrating gamification into our Enterprise SaaS platform. A true rock star!”

– Hisham Anwar, CTO

Services Performed

  • Feature design, UI/UX, service design, gamification and public speaking for an ed tech start up


“We brought Ethan in at a critical point in the development of what turned out to be our flagship title. In a matter of days, he was able to take our heap of ideas and package up / spec out a few distinct, focused directions. The process was eye-opening and helped us ultimately surface a successful model.”

– Bob Hewitt, CEO

Services Performed

  • Game design, feature design, UI/UX flows