Tools and Templates

Tools and templates

As part of my Talks on game monetization, I will frequently release some tools or template documents to aid in the game design process. Here are links to a few templates created and shared as part of New Approaches to F2P Game Design at the game monetization summit for Game Developers Conference 2015.

F2P Game Multi Case Forecast template

This monthly forecast template asks you to create a series of forecasts for your game at various levels of investment and success. By creating multiple forecasts you can get a much better feel for the business opportunity of your game.

In my opinion, forecasts are a tool that help you tell a story about your game. Therefore, the most important part of this forecast template is the Justification column that asks you to explain why the numbers will change as you predict. This story will help you identify risks to your game’s development that are highlighted in the Game Treatment template. You can download the forecast template on Google Docs.

Game Treatment template

At the outset of a project, I suggest writing a Game Treatment. Without going into a full design document, this 5 to 7 page document will help you communicate the core vision of your game without going too far into the weeds.

Focused on F2P games, this treatment asks you to think about a number of topics that are critical to your game’s long term success in the market. In addition to key features, the template forces you to answer questions about the player journey over time, acquisition and monetization strategy, live development strategy, aesthetic design and project risks. You can download the Game Treatment template on Google Docs.

Monetization Strategy template

After completing your Game Treatment template, this short Monetization Strategy template asks you to go into detail on your game’s monetization emotions, engagement loops and product catalog. You can download the Monetization Strategy template on Google Docs.