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Punch Quest – optimizing ui flow for in-game purchases

I’m a little late to the party, but I recently discovered the exceptional iOS game Punch Quest and was immediately hooked. This beautifully crafted mash up of Jetpack Joyride and Streets of Rage (or Final Fight if you were more SNES than Genesis) transfixed me immediately. I was addicted to the quick rounds of pick up and play simplicity, the explosions of Punchos upon completing a quest and the joy of punching a cyclops right in the eye.


Punch Quest made headlines not only for it’s high Metacritic rating, but unfortunately for its failure with the freemium model and unorthodox switch from free to paid. I only discovered the game after it started charging $0.99 and felt that the purchase was completely justified. I enjoyed playing so much that I spent additional dollars on in-app purchases (IAP). Importantly, Punch Quest fulfilled one of the most important criteria for a successful freemium game: as a player, I had more fun as a result of spending money on IAP.
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5 UI/UX tricks behind CSR Racing’s $12 million month

Back in August, Natural Motion made big headlines when it was reported that their hit game, CSR Racing, had surpassed $12 million in monthly revenue. The drag racer spent most of the month of July dominating the iOS top grossing chart and enjoys a position in the top 25 on both iPhone and iPad today. Based on my model for iPhone/iPad revenue, I estimate that CSR Racing has generated a little over $5 million in worldwide sales in the past 30 days.

CSR is a fantastic, polished and fun experience, the essential foundation of developing a top grossing game. But I wanted to take a look at 5 UI/UX tricks the game utilizes to help drive its exceptional revenue.

Strong top of the funnel
When designing a freemium game, you are constantly considering “the funnel”. How many players are downloading your game each day? How many of those players even open it up? How many play for more than one day? How many spend money?
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