The Dangers of Splitting the Splitgate Audience

1047 has captured lightening in a bottle with the viral success of Splitgate. Now they’ve made a challenging decision to end feature development on that go and go all in on a brand new Splitgate. This piece analyzes the choice and how they could have had their cake and ate it too by catering to their live audience.

Diablo IV's frightening Daughter of Hatred villain

Analyzing Diablo IV’s LiveOps Plans

Over on the Diablo IV blog, we’re getting substantial details about the game’s live service ambitions. They sound ambitious, familiar, and judging by Diablo Immortal’s $100m+ live service revenue to date, will surely be a massive success for Blizzard. It’s clear they’re working to differentiate D4 from Immortal and set the expectation that there is no pay-for-power / pay-for-progress in this game. It’s amazing to think how far the F2P and Live Services business model has come in terms of hardcore gaming acceptance over the past decade…