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IGN Publisher John Davison On How Games Get Covered in 2022

This one is an absolute treasure trove of information for game developers. IGN is one of the biggest games media organizations in the world, and in this interview, VP & Publisher John Davison gives us a peek behind the curtain at how videogames get covered. A veteran of games media, game development and entrepreneurship, there is no one better positioned than John to explain how games are covered in the current multimedia era…

Logos showing a collaboration between BITKRAFT and Play Ventures

Top Gaming VCs Explain Their Obligation To Invest During Crypto Winter

I never went to Stanford Business School to learn the inside story of how venture companies work. The first time I co-founded a gaming startup, the world of VC was completely mysterious and impenetrable to me. Luckily, in the decade since that first, failed attempt, the world of venture investing has changed dramatically in ways that are hugely in the favor of gaming entrepreneurs…

A female assassin from cyberpunk CCG Metropolis Origins

Why Design Legend Graeme Devine Revived Metropolis for Web3 with WAX

This episode of Tokenomics was pure delight for me, as I got to interview Graeme Devine, a true game design legend. From his groundbreaking work on 7th Guest and 11th Hour to Doom 3, to Age of Empires III and Halo Wars, to Magic Leap, Graeme has found success across many different platforms. Now, as a co-founder of QXR Studios, Graeme has added another notch to his belt with WAX-powered blockchain CCG Metropolis Origins…

Game designer Sophie Artemigi is young, glammed up, and unapologetically bisexual

How Being “Unapologetically Bisexual” Rocketed Hook Up to #1 on the Paid Charts

With her very first game release, up-and-coming game designer Sophie Artemigi did the seemingly impossible: she reached the #1 spot on the Top Paid charts on the App Store. What has been the key to Sophie’s success with premium mobile game Hook Up? Designing an “unapologetically bisexual” game that was authentic to Sophie’s experience and captured the eye of App Store curators, paired with some clever TikTok marketing. As an “old”, this was a delightful […]

Actress Mila Kunis and key art from her game Armored Kingdom

How Mila Kunis’s World of Warcraft Addiction Led to the Dawn of Armored Kingdom

You know her from TV (That 70’s Show, Family Guy), Film (Book of Eli, Black Swan), and have probably even heard of her hit NFT collections (Stoner Cats, The Gimmicks). But did you know that Hollywood star Mila Kunis is a closet World of Warcraft addict? And that her love of WoW has led directly to the creation of a brand new, Web3-powered gaming IP Armored Kingdom? Along with her WoW guild turned production and design team, she is working to build a new fantasy universe on the Near protocol….