Did Fractal’s NYE Airdrop Ring In the Year of Solana?

Announced just 3 weeks ago, Fractal has exploded onto the scene, garnering over 110k Discord followers in short order. With Twitch co-founder Justin Kan at the helm, this Solana powered NFT platform already has 9 marquee Solana games on the platform including many we plan on following over the coming months: Aurory (floor price 20 $SOL), Genopets (floor price 12.2 $SOL) and Mini Royale: Nations (floor price 2.9 $SOL).

Here’s my generative Fractal, swikel (POWR)

On NYE, the Fractal team celebrated its growth by beginning its Fractal airdrop campaign. For those early followers who had joined the first 100k in Discord and linked a Phantom wallet via Grape, they will will receive an exclusive Fractal NFT over the coming weeks. I jumped into the Discord relatively early, earning a First 30k role and qualifying for the airdrop. I have now received my Snowflake NFT (swikel, shown above) and my Discord role has updated to the Quad Faction. What will be the utility of Fractals going forward?

Fractals will come with benefits both on the Fractal marketplace and within our community. Mysterious and powerful, their full potential is yet to be discovered. Perhaps in the future, they may grant special powers and abilities in your favorite blockchain-based games, or unlock the doors to exciting new worlds ripe for exploring.

Fractal team on Medium

One of the most important questions facing game developers jumping into crypto gaming is to decide which chain protocol to use. Do you develop directly on Etherium like Ether Orcs and Defenders of Dogewood? Go with layer 1 alternative Solana like Aurory, Star Atlas and Fractal? Use Layer 2 scaling solution Polygon like Crypto Raiders and Crazy Defense Heroes? Flow? ImmutableX? Hive? Go with Forte, about whom little is publicly known other than that they have an all-star team and an incredible amount of VC money?

Understanding the various options when it comes to game chains and choosing what’s right for your game is certainly a daunting challenge. This is something we will aim to explore in the coming months so we can better explain the many options crypto game developers have when it comes to their blockchain protocol.

Solana based Mini Nations: Royale recently celebrated 2 million players!

Perhaps I’ve built a Twitter and Discord echo chamber, but when it comes purely to the court of fomo, I am seeing a lot of energy behind Solana. Star Atlas and Aurory have obviously gathered a lot of attention thanks to eye popping PFP sales, NFT drops and token launches. Mini Nations: Royale has already hit 2 million players, so there’s playable proof of the power of Solana, not just pre-sales and token auctions.

The launch of Fractal and its successful NYE airdrop campaign looks to be a harbinger of an incredible year for crypto gaming on Solana. It will be interesting to see how many successful, playable games are available in the ecosystem (and have NFTs listed on Fractal) by the time the ball drops in NYC at the end of the year. And hopefully, we’ll have plenty to share in that time to help you decide which chain is the right one for your crypto game.