Rebellion Co-Founder and CEO Jason Kingsley wearing a medieval knight's armor.

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley on Leading the Rebellion

Would you rather be the company behind Call of Duty or Sniper Elite? On first blush, most would choose the household name hands down. But for Rebellion Co-Founder Jason Kingsley, OBE, when you fully understand the balance sheet behind these two franchises, Sniper is the clear winner. As a franchise with north of 70m units sold in its lifetime, the success of Sniper, as well as Nazi Zombie Army, have brought Rebellion to the place where they fully fund projects of their choosing and completely control their destiny…

Cliff Blezinski on Being a Control Freak

You know Clifford “CliffyB” Blezinski as the Lead Designer and face of Gears of War and Unreal Tournament. But in his life after Epic Games he has been a CEO, an angel investor, a restauranteur, a Tony-winning Broadway investor and producer, a memoirist and now, a comic book author. He is so much more than just the dude wielding the life-sized chainsaw gun…

A headshot of the very svelte looking game engineer James Marr on a beautiful fall day

Empathy is the Secret Superpower of Great Game Engineers

Empathy is the secret superpower of great game engineers. This was one of the most insightful takeaways from my interview with veteran Technical Director James Marr about the difference between merely Good and truly Great when it comes to game engineering. In his illustrious career in game development, James has held leadership positions at companies including Zynga, DeNA and N3TWORK Studios. He has been a technical lead on games including Eliminate – the first 3D, […]

Headshot for SVP and GM of Diablo, Rod Fergusson

Diablo Boss Rod Fergusson On What Makes a World Class Videogame Producer

There are few leaders in the industry whose CV even comes close to Rod Fergusson, who currently serves as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Diablo franchise. With credits including Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, Shadow Complex, Infinity Blade, Bulletstorm, BioShock Infinite, Microsoft Train Simulator and now Diablo, few producers have had a lead role in as many big name franchises as Rod…

a goofy, talking gun from Justin Roiland's High on Life

IGN Publisher John Davison On How Games Get Covered in 2022

This one is an absolute treasure trove of information for game developers. IGN is one of the biggest games media organizations in the world, and in this interview, VP & Publisher John Davison gives us a peek behind the curtain at how videogames get covered. A veteran of games media, game development and entrepreneurship, there is no one better positioned than John to explain how games are covered in the current multimedia era…

Logos showing a collaboration between BITKRAFT and Play Ventures

Top Gaming VCs Explain Their Obligation To Invest During Crypto Winter

I never went to Stanford Business School to learn the inside story of how venture companies work. The first time I co-founded a gaming startup, the world of VC was completely mysterious and impenetrable to me. Luckily, in the decade since that first, failed attempt, the world of venture investing has changed dramatically in ways that are hugely in the favor of gaming entrepreneurs…