Sarah Fuchs and the Founding of Muus Collective

As GM of Covet Fashion, all-star producer Sarah Fuchs led a massive turnaround that saw the aging game double it’s bookings over the course of three years. But after EA acquired Glu Mobile, she said no to a fourth tour of duty at EA. Now, with the backing of Griffin Gaming Partners, Sarah has assembled an all-star team to bring fashion gamers to Web3 with Muus Collective.

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Why It Matters
Sarah Fuchs has had a formidable career in game production. She has worked across console and mobile on hit franchises including James Bond, The Godfather, Spore, The Sims, We Rule and Covet Fashion. Now, with a $5 million investment from Griffin Gaming Partners, she has teamed up with CEO Amber Bezahler and assembled an all-star development team to form Web3 games company Muus Collective. Between the pedigree of the team, and a focus on a market segment that the male-dominated world of blockchain games largely ignores, Muus Collective has the people, know how and funding to build an amazing gaming experience for fashion gamers.

The first wave of Web3 game development has been largely dominated by new entrants to game development launching projects with varying degrees of fun and playability. Muus is part of a growing movement of veteran game developers who see the potential in Web3 to bring better free-to-play style experiences to their players.

Founding Muus
Sarah was massively successful as VP and GM of Covet Fashion at Glu, leading a turnaround that doubled bookings on a game that had been live operated for over 7 years. As anyone who has worked on an aging live service game knows, maintaining revenue is incredibly difficult, let alone doubling it. But when EA acquired Glu, Sarah knew that another executive position at EA was not the right next step for her. Having already done three tours of duty at EA across James Bond, The Godfather, Spore and The Sims Mobile, Sarah knew she was ready for a new challenge.

After some time off, Sarah was approached by Griffen Gaming Partners. Although initially hesitant to start a new gaming studio, she was ultimately convinced in the promise of Web3 and her ability to build the type of studio she would want to work at and lead.

“I was like, look guys, I can’t do this. I don’t wanna be a CEO,” Sarah explained. “And they’re like, ‘what if you were the Chair of the Board and you hired a CEO?’ And we incubated this company together. I interviewed many, many women and found the most amazing CEO possible Bezahler. And together we founded Muus Collective, which is an entertainment studio for the creator gamer.”

To find out more about Muus Collective and Sarah’s journey, you can listen to the full interview embedded above.